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Заводы в Швеции на продажу


Hi !

A Swedish factory  near Göteborg is for sale! 


Our Customer is going to retire and for that reason he want sale his factory.


1      The whole property including, the estate, Construction of houses with drawings for manufacturing ( look at home-side), Complete with machinery, inventory, material and so on.

      Total price ca. 10 200 000:- SEK

.     There is possibly to extend by buying more land bordering to the estate


2.   The total company(BM-HUS AB) inclusive the machinery ,

       the production, house drawings, actual orders and offers.

       Exclusive the house property

                             Price ca  6 000 000:-SEK


3.  Rent the Estat + machines;   550 000sek/år

With the existing machinery it is possibly to make about 30-60 family houses per Year..

The saw capacity is very large so with an investment of some more wall jigs the capacity will

increase up to 300-400houses per year.

The owner is prepared to give required assistance and giving it a fresh start.

The customer send for example 2-3 persons to learn how to use machines and learn to build houses


SML international will also be at help doing some proper layout and recommend machines for higher productions.

For serious speculators we will give a more detaljed version


Больше информации на нашем сайте по оборудованию .